Saturday, 31 May 2014


I don’t have much time. The world- my world- is full of pain. My eyes water, my ears ache, my hands grow numb and they are starting to dry. My nails just fell off. These rocks, they will be the death of me.

This craggy humid place is not the worst I have ever seen but it isn’t the best either. Of course in the worst of places I was protected from the outside by layers of garments that would not let even a molecule reach me in my safe haven inside. Here though, I am naked; naked and dying.

How anything could survive in this desolate and inhospitable world is beyond me but yet here as well life flourishes. It clings on multiplying and making the land its dominion. In my world we used to sit around and question the importance of life, the meaning of it. We, in all our intelligent discussions and solitary thinking never found any answer for life. Yet it must be something of import for how else could it migrate to every part of the galaxy. How else could it be here in this desolation and hostility? It clings and grows and its meaning is invisible to us. Life will not disappear. Here and now I realize that even when the universe ends, life will not disappear. It will find a niche to crawl into and proliferate. An experiment gone wrong, who can say if horribly?

They search for me those accursed fools. They are one life I wish had never existed in this universe. The throw of the die and a cell evolves and there they are our mortal enemies. We both grew and we both hated each other. A hatred transferred through procreation, a chromosome of enmity. A race to laugh at the last of their ones while they lie bleeding on the floor; to dance around this dying, dilapidated creature and to tell it again and again how foolish it were, how they could ever think they were advanced than us. They are a part of evolution that should never have happened. We are the successors. We are the rulers.
The beacon from my ship draws my friends here, but so does it draw the enemy. It is sad that I won’t be here to greet either of them. But my life ends and my destiny lies here, on this godforsaken planet. I must pass it on.

Living amongst the enemy was the hardest part of my life. A spy- an angel of death lurking in their very midst- seething in hatred silently. An experience I will not wish to have again. I wish to take them by their hair and kill them all. Yes, let me be killed. But let me take a few of them with me. But I was taught to be silent; for a greater good, for our victory, I kept my hate locked up inside. I pushed through it all. I made friends that I hated. But finally all my pain was rewarded. I have here with me their plans, their blue prints, their capabilities, their undoing. It rests in my hands.

The vagaries of the universe and its laws have tossed me way out here, far far away from my people. This outskirt of civilization, on the fringes of the no man’s land. They will take long time to reach here so I shall have to leave my true friends- my kind- a message.

I look around and I see these creatures. They are the closest things to intelligence on this planet. They appear curious but they refuse to move forward, to attempt, to innovate, to make a difference. These beings that are trying to learn to walk on two legs, these hairy smelly beings.

This infantile race shall carry my message. I shall imprint it in the folds of their cerebral tissue. I shall hide it there. And as they procreate and spread throughout the world so will the secret. In the end it will be spread too far and too wide. Nebulous but never lost. For the larger pattern will be discernable to the keen observer. Hidden everywhere yet hidden in only one. So even if the enemy comes first they will not be able to garner everything immediately. I shall give a chance to my friends. Even half of the knowledge I possess is dangerous to the enemy. Even half is enough to ensure our victory.

Come here…… come here you walking talking two legged being……. Come here. This will even help your intelligence you pathetic creature. A part of my intellect shall carry over, a part of my vocabulary as well. Many will be your languages but my words will reside hidden and common in all of them. You will live the short lives you have as kings. But soon my brethren will descend upon you. Until then live….. kings.

There….. there……… go now. Go procreate, spread my knowledge and wait for our arrival. GO!!!! NOW!!!! GO!!!! BEGONE!!!!!

It waits here my brothers, on this planet I choose to call Earth. Come, come and seek the knowledge of our victory.


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